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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Should Ask When Renting an Apartment

When renting your first apartment, you’re more likely to think about the end game than the process. You are swept away with visions of painting the walls or you are thinking about your house warming party. But wait. There are so many things you are probably missing. Here are important questions you should remember when renting an apartment.

  • Do I need an Apartment Locator? And how much will that cost me?
    First of all, Go2 Locators is a 100% FREE apartment locating service and can only make your search easier. Why not use the free help? As for you having to use an apartment locator, technically not. The smart rout would be to utilize our free resources. We have access to every apartment complex in North Texas. We work with 99% of the apartment management companies. Lastly, WE PAY YOU! Just for listing Go2 Locators as your Dallas Apartment Locator, we will give you up to $250 cash back the day you move in. Or we will take care of your moving cost. So again, The smart answer to, do you need to use an apartment locator? You definitely should!
  • Can I paint my apartment?
    You may assume the answer is “of course!” because, “it’s MY apartment” But you’d be wrong. Most leases stipulate that when you move out, the apartment must be restored to the same condition you got it in. If you painted the walls, you could be expected to repaint them to their original color. And covering over paint isn’t such an easy task. Some apartment management companies actually have a clause in the lease that says you need their written permission before decorating. Most of the time as long as you keep the apartment in good shape and looking move in ready, you don’t need to worry about anything. Basically your apartment property managers will accept normal wear-and-tear. Just try to keep it in the same condition you would want it to be in if you were first moving in. Remember to also let your apartments know of any stains or scuffs you find when you are first moving in. That will help you in getting your full deposit back when you decide to move out.
  • Can I bring my furry friend to my new apartment?
    Very few landlords outright forbid any cats or dogs. A few we’ve encountered prefer you not keep a bunny, bird, bearded dragon or anything besides a small fish tank. Check what your landlord’s policies are. You also should ask about visiting pets. When your sister comes with her Golden Retriever, is Rusty even allowed inside? Is babysitting your friend’s cat for a week out of the question?While not all landlords refuse to allow pets, many say they do for financial reasons. Dogs can scratch up doors and hardwood floors. Plus, not every pet can handle long hours left alone in an apartment while you are at work. Barking disturbs other tenants, and pet accidents can stain carpets and wreck flooring. If your apartment management company does however allow pets, you probably can expect to pay an extra pet security deposit. And pet owners are always expected to clean up after their animals.Keep in mind to ask if your apartment pet deposit is refundable and also about any breed restrictions your apartments may have.
  • How long can guest sleeping over at my apartment?
    A smart landlord will want to know how many people are living in the unit; more people means more water usage, tighter parking, more wear-and-tear on the apartment. They also want to know if whoever is moving into the apartments has any criminal history and if so, what is it? This is really for your own benefit. So, if you are thinking of having friend or significant other move in half way through your apartment lease, just make sure you let your apartment leasing agents know so you will avoid any unnecessary hassle.
  • Where’s the exit?
    Once you sign your new apartment lease, you are technically stuck until the lease term is up. Your apartment lease term is generally a year unless you’ve negotiated it to be longer or shorter. So what happens if six months into your year-long apartment lease, you are offered a great job 3,000 miles away? Before signing, find out the penalties for breaking the lease under extenuating circumstances. Also, remember that verbal agreements aren’t the same as written ones, so when the apartment manager assures you “it won’t be a problem” to break your lease with 30-days written notice, ask them to put it in writing. Breaking a lease is serious business that could adversely impact you down the road. Not only will you likely forfeit your security deposit and any mony the landlord holds in your name, but you will burn a bridge for future rental references. Also if you used a co-signed to get approved for your apartment, they could be held liable for the balance of the lease. Long story short, read all the fine print for a situation where you would need to break your lease. Always leave on good tearms.
  • Are there residential quiet hours in my new apartment?
    An apartment building is a community onto itself. There will be a mix of ages and demographics, all trying to co-exist peaceably under the same common roof. In order to do that successfully and with a minimal amount of bloodshed, there are rules in your lease that you — and your neighbors — will be expected to abide by. The one you might find most intrusive to your night owl propensities is the residential quiet hours. Bumping 2 Chainz at full volume in your apartment at 2 a.m? Probably not the best idea. Your neighbors will probably agree on that as well.The common areas are also just that — for everyone’s use. Before you sign a lease, find out if there are any charges associated with renting out the common areas — cleanup fees for the party in the clubhouse? Use of the gym? And when the sign by the pool says “no kids under 14 allowed” does that mean your 11-year-old twin nephews can’t come over for a swim?  Also, if you are moving to your new Uptown Dallas Apartment or Downtown Dallas Apartment, be sure to ask if there is a max amount of guest you can have at your pool in the summer. Uptown Dallas and Downtown Dallas are very popular with the pools. Just make sure you know how many guest you can have with you so that you wont be disappointed when you move in and find out there is a limit.
  • If I have a roommate, who is the person responsible for the apartment?
    If you have a roommate, you are jointly liable for the rent. Don’t hand your apartment landlord half the rent and tell him that your half is covered; your landlord wants all the rent, not just some of it. It is also not the landlord’s problem if your roommate decided to move out early; it’s your problem. Joint liability means both of you are responsible for the apartment. If you’re going to do the whole apartment roommate thing, just make sure that you are going into it with someone who is as responsible as you are.
  • What about my apartment parking situation?
    If your are moving to your new Uptown Dallas Apartment or Downtown Dallas Apartment, you will likely get one parking spot assigned, per resident, to your apartment. Great, but where do your guest park when they visit? How about when you invite three guest over, each with her own car that needs to be parked? Your fellow tenants won’t appreciate your guests parking in their assigned spots, and most all Uptown Dallas apartment and Downtown Dallas apartments will tow if you are parked somewhere that is not for guest. So make sure you are ok with the guest parking before you sign your apartment lease.
  • How much will it cost me to move in?
    There are tons of Uptown Dallas apartments and Downtown Dallas apartments running amazing move in specials these days. We’re talking all the way up to one and two months FREE! Yes FREE rent! What you need to worry about is your cost of moving. For example, application fees, apartment deposit, admin fees, etc… Before paying any of these fees, ask if any of them are refundable if you don’t get approved. Also, if you do get approved and sign a lease, find out whether the fee can be applied toward your security deposit.A word here on utilities: Some may be covered in the rent, others not. Ask if cable, gas and electric, and trash removal are covered. Is there WiFi in the building and how much will it cost? Some of these questions require calls directly to the utility providers and are worth making so you can have an accurate idea of what living in your new apartment will cost. Your best bet would be to speak to the best Apartment Locators in town, Go2 Locators. We specials in DFW Apartment Locating. We will have all the answers to your questions.
  • Can I actually afford this apartment?
    Excellent question! The experts advise spending no more than 35 percent of your after-tax income on housing expenses. If your take-home pay is $1,500 a month, that’s $525 for rent and utilities. Many people stretch themselves a little thin and spend more than 35 percent on their housing costs, but it’s a personal decision. You still have to eat, pay for your phone, car insurance and clothes. It’s why so many people have roommates! This goes back to why you should let one of are apartment locators help you find the perfect new place for you.Let us help you find your new apartment home. We work all of DFW. We are your #1 Dallas Apartment Locators.

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